Blackmagic Pocket 4K Cameras Miscellaneous Video


A happy family of Eurasian or common coot (Fulica atra) filmed on the Military domain of Brasschaat (Antwerp).

This is one of the first clips that I shot with my Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera equipped with a Lumix 100-300, f4-5.6 lens.

Blackmagic Pocket 4K Video

Shooting with the Blackmagic 4K

I haven’t been shooting as much with this camera as quarantine rules rightly so still rule.

Besides, like a zillion reviews can be found on Youtube.

My needs are not that high so I shoot one step (12:1) above the highest compression rate in BRaw, 8:1. Still the files are huge.
One of the first things I ordered was a 6 TB hard disk to accommodate the files I shoot.

The dual ISO chart is crystal clear when you understand it and knowing about Ansell Adam’s zone systems helps a lot to understand the principle.

I bought the camera secondhand with a case, a handle, an external SSD Samsung T5 and a battery plate to accommodate Sony NPF batteries. So I have no issues when it comes to battery or storage.

But let the above be utterly unimportant. Because what really counts is the image quality.

When exposed correctly with the right ISO, image quality is simply unbelievable gorgeous.

2 Minute Nature Cameras Lumix GX-80/85 Video

2 Minute Nature- Episode 6

It is still the rule to stay at home as much as possible and limit travel. However, some aspects of social life are made easier. One is that you can go a little further to walk.

Day trips are not yet allowed. I still limit my trips as much as possible and when I go shopping I wear breathing protection and keep working from home.

So for the moment being I am still limited in options to go out and film.
Not complaining though. I have been using the extra time to learn new stuff.

By the way, I bought a new, well, second-hand camera. More on this topic later!


2 Minute Nature Cameras GoPro 7 Black Sony HDR-CX450

2 Minute Nature – Episode 5

Cameras Lumix GX-80/85 Video

Aphid (2019)

Cameras Color Photography Digital Photography Lumix GX-80/85

Veronica persica (2019)

2 Minute Nature Cameras GoPro 7 Black Sony HDR-CX450 Video

2 Minute Nature – Episode 4

A short trip just to be outside the house for an hour. Obviously keeping social distance. I saw a robin and a magpie and enjoyed the frail beauty of wildflowers

2 Minute Nature Cameras Lumix GX-80/85 Video

2 Minute Nature – Episode 3

2 Minute Nature Video

2 Minute Nature – Episode 2

Filmed entirely with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

2 Minute Nature Lumix GX-80/85 Video

2 Minute Nature – Episode 1

I’d like my YouTube channel to grow. Instagram is fine, I kind of like what they did with IGTV.
Yet I believe YouTube, more than Vimeo, is still the place to be when you want to showcase your video work.
Until now I’ve been posting occasionally and not with a clear path in mind.

While making my first documentary I came up with the idea of creating a “2 Minute Nature” kind of series with a weekly new post.

The advantages are that I must go out more often with an idea or project in mind. A week should be enough to edit and make the music for each episode. Posting regularly should also help to increase my subscribers.

So, I made Episode 1 and I like it.

Then came Covid-19 and the quarantine.

I made episode 2 using footage I shot 2 years ago while paddling on Lake Vere. At that time the lake was infested with jellyfish.

Episode 3 was also made using footage I didn’t use for my nature documentary.

Episode 4 will be an elaborate slideshow using the photographs of my exhibition that is now temporarily closed.

I’ve also been investing in some audio gear like an XLR semiprofessional condenser microphone and the works. YouTube helped me getting the most out of my new gear and I’m getting acquainted with Audacity, the free and open-source audio software.

Albeit my English isn’t that bad I still feel uncomfortable to add voice-over on my video let alone to talk in the camera.

In the next few days I will be posting the episodes I already made.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell for further notifications. 😉