Out shooting again

I enjoyed the long weekend taking a day off from work past Monday as Tuesday was a Holiday too and I don’t work on Wednesdays.

For the first time in ages I really went away to shoot images. I drove to Zeeland, just over the border, in The Netherlands. Lots of water, a zillion windmills and lots of nature, most of it protected.
It is difficult to believe it is almost half November. A sunny day it was, the harsh wind not to cold and temperatures around 14°C.

I had a great day and enjoyed shooting and walking and being by myself. Of course I would have been happier sharing these moments with Princess but that is still almost impossible.

I had two camera bags with me. One with the Zenza Bronica ETRSi and 4 lenses and another one with the Olympus OM-1 and a few lenses and to be on the safe side I had also my digital Olympus OM-D M10 with me. I didn’t use that one though but shot two rolls of Ilford FP4 Plus.


Wow, an afternoon shooting and I only made 70 shots.

Back home I developed them and to be safe I used separate tanks. It took about 2 hours for the film to dry and even more to scan each negative with my aging Minolta Scan Elite 5400.
The Epson V700 or V800 is now officially on my wish list.

I still find it difficult to scan the negatives. It is a technique I am not completely acquainted with yet. The Silverfast 8 Se offers so much options and possibilities.

I simply love the gritty look of these black and white images. They are so much more real compared to the ultra sharp, grainless and slick digital captures.

Olympus OM-1n with Zuiko 35-70mm f4. Developed in TMax.
Olympus OM-1n with Zuiko 35-70mm f4. Developed in TMax.