Bronica ETRSi

Another piece of gear I own is a Bronica ETRSi and a few lenses. It is hard to believe I used this camera professionally as a wedding photographer about 20 years ago.
Boy is it heavy and, compared to nowadays digital camera’s, extremely slow in using.
I don’t want to start to think about the precious and intimate moments I did not capture during my reportages. There is much to say for auto-focus in high speed social events.

I haven’t used this camera for ages but now I have a working setup for scanning the 4,5 x 6 film I think I am going to use this beast more often. It will slow me down even more and that is a good thing. After all the whole purpose of switching back to analogue black & white is to get back in touch with photography.

Bronica ETRSi and Ilford HP5 Plus
Bronica ETRSi and Ilford HP5 Plus

The camera still had a film in it so I finished it with a few simple studio shots to check if everything was still in working order.
Then I developed the HP 5 Plus film and scanned a few images I took somewhere around 2007.

To my big surprise the scan quality is not that bad and the HP G4050 with Vuescan delivers rather crisp images.

So if a crappy scanner can give this results what will an Epson V7xx or V8xx do? I am pretty sure its results will blow my socks off.

Bronica ETRSi and Ilford HP5 Plus
Bronica ETRSi and Ilford HP5 Plus






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