Entrance gate

A few days ago I bought a second hand yet almost mint wide-angle lens for my Olympus OM-10. It is a G. Zuiko single coated 28mm 3,5 “silver nose”. The filter thread is silver instead of black.

It is early dark now since the hour has changed a few weeks ago. Yesterday though I was at home and had promised my eldest daughter to pick her up from work so she could drive home and add a little experience to her driving skills.

I arrived twenty minutes earlier and took a walk in the neighborhood. Nothing really special to see but I had only 4 frames left and wanted to try out the lens.

Then I noticed this gateway entrance and the coarse concrete walls and the gritty soil of the parking.

This was an ideal scene for a black and white image and even more for the grainy Ilford HP5 Plus film. I moved back and forward until I was happy with what I saw in the viewfinder.

Entrance gate Olympus OM-10 with 28mm G. Zuiko f3,5 Ilford HP 5 Plus
Entrance gate
Olympus OM-10 with 28mm G. Zuiko f3,5
Ilford HP 5 Plus


    • I admit it is not easy. The scanning software gives me a zillion options so I can pretty much get what I want but the final touch is done in Photoshop with Levels or Curves. Working solely with black and white makes me look for suitable scenes to photograph. It is great experiencing this change of looking at my surroundings.

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