Since a few years Wednesday is my free day. It breaks the week and keeps me motivated to go to work every other weekday.

I have an extensive collection of dried twigs, seedpods and so on and it seemed fun making a few studio shots.

It was an easy setup with one flash head on the right and a reflector on the left and silver paper on the table to reflect some light up.

For a moment I thought about using my Bronica ETRSi. The 50mm wide-angle and a 25mm extension tube allow me to frame quite tight. Unfortunately I am not able to make good scans from medium format film. The scans with the HP Scanjet G4050 suck big-time and I can’t wait to get a decent scanner like the Epson V8xx.

My 35mm backup camera, the Olympus OM-10, loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus was my second choice. The Vivitar 85-205mm f3,8 has a “macro position” so that came in handy.
Then it occurred to me the OM-10 has no X-sync connector so I used the pilot light from my flash head and made 8 images.

After developing them with Kodak TMax the negatives were scanned at 5400 DPI resulting in 120 Mb files.

I am not very happy with the results. Obviously a less grainier film would have been a better choice but I don’t find the lighting okay either. The lens itself does not deliver either.

I’ll order some Ilford Delta for a future studio shoot and my very old Nikkormat FT with a Sigma 180mm f3,5 macro lens. Combining this lens with a few extension tubes and a Nikon bellows make a great rig for macro photography.

Walnut Olympus OM-10 with Vivitar 85-205 mm in "macro" Ilford HP5 Plus film
Olympus OM-10 with Vivitar 85-205 mm in “macro”
Ilford HP5 Plus film