Mosque, 1987

I visited the beautiful city of Istanbul in February 1987. It was a 3-day citytrip with beautiful and soft pre-spring weather.

I ended up staying for 5 more days due to a terrible snowstorm that hit the city the night before I had to leave.

Public transport came to a stop and the National airport was closed for 5 consecutive days.

Going out was an adventure as the snow kept falling and there was not enough manpower or machinery to keep the roads snow free.

I managed to shoot a few rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus with my Nikon F2 .

Istanbul, Turkey - 1987 Nikon F2 and Ilford HP5 Plus
Istanbul, Turkey – 1987
Nikon F2 and Ilford HP5 Plus





16 thoughts on “Mosque, 1987”

    1. Hi Peep, you should, working with film is really rewarding, it slows one down, makes one look differently at a scene. Keep me informed 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by.


      1. Sadly, all I couid find was a Cannon 50mm f1.8, a Sigma 75-250 f3.5-Cannon mount, and a bunch of filters. I sold my A1 body a few years ago but I thought I had another Cannon body somewhere.


      2. True! Are you doing all your own film processing and enlarging as well I got rid of all of that stuff years ago


      3. I process my b&w film myself, it is very easy and straightforward. Then I scan the negs with a dedicated film scanner so the rest of my workflow becomes digital. Photoshop, Lightroom, the works. I have no intention in enlarging again. To much work, very time consuming, expensive.


      4. I haven’t a clue what are the additional costs in the US developing and scanning b&w film. That could be a (bad) surprise. Over here having a color film developed takes a week or two and costs about 8$


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