A poor man’s lightbox

It is quite obvious I am not the first one to do this but I like to share it nevertheless.

I am scanning a few color negative films I shot in February 1987 during a short trip in Istanbul, Turkey.

These films where developed in a lab and cut in strips of 4 negs each. I don’t have the patience to scan them all. Having a lightbox would be useful but I don’t have one.

Wait a minute!
Yes, I do have a lightbox.
I have a tablet.

Using the app
I opened Pages on my iPad Air and used a blank page to check if using my tablet as a lightbox would work.

With the brightness set to 100% it works like a charm.

I guess there are other alternatives but I ended up purchasing an App called Light Box – Illuminator Viewer for 0,89 Euro.

The app I finally purchased
The app I finally purchased

Being a curious guy I took a picture with my iPhone of the negs on the lightbox, opened the file in Photoshop and reversed the image.
Looks good enough for a quick overview.

Reverse pleasure



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