This is a no-brainer shot I made a few years ago (2008?) with my Yashica Mat 6×6 on Ilford HP5 Plus film.

I am not shooting that much these days so in order to post something I’m browsing through older images.

More than an out passed before I got this scan right. With OSX Yosemite my HP Scanjet G4050 does not perform well. The results are horrible. So I switched to my virtual Windows 7 machine where I have Vuescan installed. Even then it took a lot of tweaking. What I saw on my screen was not what I got in the scan.
Anyway I finally got a result I am quite happy with.

I still don’t have a clue if it is the software or the scanner. When I scan 35mm with my Minolta 5400 the results are great. I have a lot of control using Silverfast SE 8 and what I see is also what I get.

But scanning large format with the HP G4050 it is a whole different and discouraging story.

Sunflowers Yashica Mat with Ilford HP5 Plus Scanned with HP Scant G4050
Yashica Mat with Ilford HP5 Plus
Scanned with HP Scant G4050


  1. Agreed — very much like the photos from the Dust Bowl era, which is a high compliment.

    I haven’t scanned film using a flatbed scanner in a very long time, mostly due to the awful results compared to those from a dedicated film scanner. This one may not be what you were hoping for, but it’s of excellent quality nonetheless.


    • Thank you Mitch.I learned a few things by googling Dust Bowl.

      I scan my 35mm with a dedicated film scanner. Using the flatbed HP G4050 is really a pain and it does not encourage me to follow the direction of medium format. I did some test scans with a friend’s Epson V700 and the difference in quality is really mind-blowing.
      So a V800 is definitively on my wish list.


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