Nikon F100

Whenever I open my cupboard and see my dead Nikon F100 I feel sad. I really liked that camera.
Maybe it was not the best one in the world but for me it came close. It felt perfect in my hands, an extension of my eyes. Quick and reliable until it died unexpectedly (RIP 2007) on a beach in France minutes after I changed film.

I have always been a Nikon man. Yes, it is only a brand, a system, but I am a loyal person. I used to have a huge collection of excellent Nikon glass. Nowadays I have only a few left. I sold most of them when I started a new life. Just to pay the bills.

I don’t throw things away that easily and in this case, well, I am still hoping aliens will visit me and repair that camera.

Yesterday I thought something like what the heck and I visited one of the better websites offering second hand stuff.

There were a few F100 for sale but I did not want to spend 250$/200Euro for a used camera. Even with the MB-15 battery pack/motor drive.

I made a bid (150 Euro/183 $) on a F100 with MB-15 because the seller did not live far from my place. Yeah, lazy me, I know.

Half an hour later I was overbid and I had no desire to engage in some bidding war.

So I checked other offerings and then just like that I offered 150 Euro for a F100 with MB-15 where the asking price was 250 Euro.

I forgot my bid and Little A. and I watched The Maze Runner. After seeing the movie I noticed my bidding was accepted. Apparently the money was needed and the guy had nothing but positive references.

So after work I drove to and checked the material and went home with a mint Nikon F100.
I am curious to see what this camera will bring me.

Nikon F100 Digital capture
Nikon F100
Digital capture


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