A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear
– John Lennon –

So here they are, the last few days of 2014.
Most of us are going to celebrate.

Let us not forget the less fortunate though. Those who are alone, suffer a loss, are unjustly imprisoned, persecuted for whom they are or for their believes, who live in a war zone and endure its horrendous crimes day after day.

We are so fortunate yet so often unaware or unthankful for what we have.

For Sweetheart and me it has been a good year. We have grown even closer and our love is stronger than ever.

This evening, December 24th, Sweetheart will be dining at my place. Well, it has really become our place since my love has added some touches of her own. Wow.

Sweetheart and I will be spending Christmas Eve together, a first and something I have been longing for since the day we met.

I have ordered Sushi and a bottle of exquisite wine is waiting impatiently to be opened.

We will be seated at the wooden dining table and sitting on our new dining chairs.
I never came around buying decent chairs.
So as a Christmas present Sweetheart proposed we would buy 2 dining chairs each. We visited stores and finally found a classy dark brown model. They fit well in our living room.

Under the small tree, also a first one for me, are a few presents. I am sure Sweetheart will be awed with hers. It is something I know she will love and cherish for what it represents.
For the outside world it will be a thing of beauty but for Sweetheart and I it will be a symbol, a promise and so much more.




  1. Merry Christmas, Stephan and Sweetheart. May you day be filled with love and laughter and your hearts with peace.

    Annie B


  2. Happy Holidays — enjoy your time together, work with Family to the best of you abilities, be positive for the glorious items in your lives. Dankuwel for the lovely sharing of your art. XO
    Zalig Kerstfeest en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar


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