Farmers Dance

Yesterday Little A. and I drove to the town of Mechelen. We parked at the movie theater where my youngest daughter had an appointment with a friend. They were going to see Mocking Jay Part 1.

There was nothing that caught my attention so I walked to the town itself. With me I had the Yashica Electro 35 GSN loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus.

It was kind of a new experience as I don’t like to shoot in urban places. It does not appeal to me and I prefer nature of coastal landscapes. Besides that I am to shy to to real street photography and it always feels like I am intruding in someone’s personal space.

During my 2,5 hour walk I managed to shoot a complete roll of film and even started a new one.

This morning I developed the film and it are plain shots, not very interesting and rather dull. I don’t seem to find a connection with urban landscapes.Maybe I need some practice.

What bothers me the most is the amount of dust on the film. It seems like there are a zillion spots on each image.
I dried this one in the bathroom but Sweetheart thinks it would be a better idea to use the toilet.
I’m going to try that next time I develop a film.

Farmers dance - Ernest Wynants
Farmers dance – Ernest Wynants