2014 is dead. Hail 2015

Outside firework is illuminating the sky with colorful beauty.

A few seconds ago I wished a happy new year to those whom I love above everything.

Little A., my youngest daughter is spending this evening with me and I texted Big A. who is out and has what I hope a wonderful evening.

And of course Sweetheart, my Princess, who is for the very first time at my side on this special evening. Without her my life would be gray and empty.
Sweetheart is my muse, my Holy Grail. She is the One.

We dined well, the three of us, thanks to Little A. who, with some help from Sweetheart cooked us a delicious meal. The home made Lasagna was very tasty and the Tiramisu a pleasure to savor.
Bubbles, Merlot and tasty water (for Little A.) were served during this copious feast.

Now I turn towards you my friends, my readers and wish you a loving, fascinating, creative, healthy and prosperous 2015. May love and friendship always be with you.

Each of you had his/hers own hopes, wishes, projects and dreams.
Make them happen, make them come true.


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Digital capture




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