Photographing urban landscapes

I wrote about my visit to the city of Malines a few days ago. Whilst I had my Olympus OM-D M-10 with me I only used my Yashica Electro 35. I love that camera because it looks sexy and gorgeous. There is of course more to it. The Electro feels natural in my hand, the optics are great, sharpness is there and metering is spot on. I accepts its little flaws like an occasionally locking of the shutter button. I turn the camera upside down and all is okay again. A little less pleasant is the fact sometimes the film is not transported completely resulting in overlapping negatives.

I filled a complete roll of film and started another one during my walk but when looking at the results I am not very happy. Much has to do with the fact I don’t connect with urban landscapes. Maybe this could change with some practice but yet it is an area of photography that does not appeal to me. Mind you, I love looking at urban landscape photographs.

Here is one of the rare shots I made that I really like.

Het Notarishuis, Mechelen
Het Notarishuis, Mechelen





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