REBLOG – Why the silver gelatin process?

I am reblogging this article posted by Derek because I completely agree with what he has written.

The only thing I’m not going to do ever again is print them with an enlarger on real photo paper.

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Straight, No Chaser.

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I’ve been thinking about the reason why I use black and white film exclusively lately, and not even bother to touch my digital, I came up with several points. I’m not anti digital, but film still has its place, when it comes to art.

– Knowing me I’m never into the main stream. Just when everyone and their grandmother is all about digital. I’m already over it to a point. Be classy, and use film, and when you do, use black and white film.

– With the silver gelatin process, it is very easy to do at home, unlike c-41 or E6. To develop, all you need is a tank, and as little as 3 other chemicals if you want to be cheap. Developer, Fixer, and Photoflo.

– You don’t get Kodak Tri X with a digital camera.

– Film cameras are relatively…

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    • You’re welcome 🙂
      What you wrote is exactly how I think about analogue photography too, it was both an interesting and intriguing post as I had the impression I was looking inside my head.
      I like your blog very much, great images and interesting, inspirational and fun to read.
      All the best,


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