On Wednesday, January 7, 2015 one of our human rights was attacked.

There is no gradation in violence, hatred and racism like one can’t be a little bit pregnant. You are or you are not. It is a binary thing like 0 or I.
This is the way I see things.

Even if it does not represent the suffering of those who think or are in any way different I remember, as a kid, being not served or treated impolitely because I spoke Dutch in a community reigned by extremist French speaking people who’s anger and hate was fuelled by the Schaarbeek (suburban district of Brussels) major at that time, the all-round extremist Roger Nols.

We must be open-minded and defend our personal ideas with courtesy and respect for those who don’t share the same ideas. Keep an open ear and an open mind.

Terrorist violence is often targeted blindly towards masses. Blown up airplanes, trains, busses, consulates and buildings.
They want to create fear and fear leads to submission.

Today, in Paris, liberty of press was the target and thus an attack on our most primal liberties.

Let us not kneel for terrorists/extremists. Let us keep our pride and our independence. Let us not bow for those who use their deity or beliefs as an excuse for violence, hate and intolerance.
No I am not targeting the Islam but also Catholicism and other religions and/or political and/or personal beliefs. Nothing is worth killing for.
Listening, learning and experiencing other points of view or ideas is so much more enriching.

Paris, Wednesday, January 7th 2015
Paris, Wednesday, January 7th 2015




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