Nikon F90x

Those who follow my blog know I recently acquired a Nikon F100. Unfortunately is got ripped off and it is my own fault.
When I tested the camera I used a Nikon “G” lens. It has no aperture ring so aperture is set using a dial button if you use the Aperture priority. 
That worked fine.
Later on, back home, I discovered no other lens worked on the F100 due to an electronic flaw.
Manual? Nope.
Program? Nope.
Only “G” lenses work and guess what? I have only one “G” lens. So even macro with a bellows is not possible. I can only attach my Nikon 24-120mm lens. It is by all means a good performer though so the camera is not a total loss of money.

Yeah, of course the guy whom sold it never answered my emails.
Well shit happens, that is what life is about. You loose and you win. And when you loose maybe you learn something.
Hell, that is already worth the dough.

December 2000.
I have almost hit rock bottom. The burn out depression has made me a non-existent person. I feel like living a life that is not mine. I am a personage in some odd and cruel scenario.
A few months earlier the family doctor prescribed me a new drug. I have forgotten the name but it was called the happy pill. It was sold as The Solution against depression.
I remember, it was Prozac.
A few weeks into this new drug the mother of my daughters and I attended a show somewhere in Brussels. Don’t ask me what it was about. I only remember I was sitting on the balcony feeling like shit. Thinking about my chances being killed on the spot if I got up and jumped.
It was enough for me to stop taking it.

I needed an escape route. I hated photography but on the other hand I was desperately seeking for a way in again.

I wanted a Nikon F90x but we could not afford it. 
So back to December 2000. The 24th it was and I was given this box so nicely wrapped.
Was it a Nikon F90x? Would it? Could it? 
Did it hold a new beginning, something to fuel my creativity?
Make me better?

It was a voucher for a weekend in Paris with the mother of my daughters. 
We drove to Paris the next day, on Christmas day.
I remember the lights on the Champs, the boat trip on the Seine while it rained and 2000 on the top of the Eiffel Tower.
It did not help though and the chronicles of a death foretold, our marriage, would continue for 6 more years.
She wanted to do good, she wanted to cure me, to help me but it was our relation that was sick and it was something I think we did not know at that time.

January 2015.
Just browsing that second hand site.
Oh my god.
There is a Nikon F90x for sale.
For a moment I’m thrown back in time.
The guy sells the camera with a Nikon SB-28 flash, a Nikon 28-105mm 3,5-4,5D lens and a Nikon MC-30 remote control for… I bid 100 Euro and we mailed and he said 90 would be okay.

Past Friday Little A. and I drove to the nearby town. We meet the guy, he is friendly and shows us the camera and flash and adds new batteries and a film.
Nikon has made better analogue film cameras like the F4 and F6 but this F90x is a dream come true.

Mint condition of course, like the flash and the lens.

Little A. is happy for me albeit she does not know the history. She was 9 months old when her mother took me to Paris hoping I would heal. When I did dream of a Nikon camera.

Little A. and I went shopping past Saturday and I took the camera with me. 

Today, on this cold day, snow and freezing wind, I finished the Ilford HP5 Plus film.

I like the camera but I’m still missing the Yashica 35 Electro rangefinder though. The repairman promised me I would get it back this week.

Tears Nkon F90x with 24-120mm loaded with Ilford HP 5+
Nkon F90x with 24-120mm loaded with Ilford HP 5+

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