Subway Entrance

A few days ago I scanned an old colour film I shot in Rotterdam.
Big A. and I visited that city on July 25,  2007 and we had a grand day and lots of fun.

After that we didn’t do that much together anymore. I was so busy getting my life back together after I left their mother and she was to angry with me because I had just done that. Leave home.

Even now, so many years later, she still holds a grunge against me. We get along fine as long as we stay within well defined lines of topics to discuss.
I like to think we are growing closer again.

I am aware I should have done more, do things with her and help her coop with the divorce, being a better parent.
I didn’t really.
There is no regret though as it makes no sense. What is gone is gone.

But yes, I should have done more with and for Big A.

Subway Entrance, Rotterdam (2007) Nikon F4s with 24-120mm and Kodak VR 400 film
Subway Entrance, Rotterdam (2007)
Nikon F4s with 24-120mm and Kodak VR 400 film


  1. You are so right, Stephan. Regret makes no sense and wastes precious time/energy. Big A will look at you suddenly just as I did my beloved dad and realize YOU are the man she loves most on this planet. I too was a child of divorce and it seemed natural at the time to blame the one no longer there – but one day I realized it was bigger than that, bigger than me and I looked at him again and saw he was still the dad you loved and believed in me. Keep listening and sharing . . . love erases a lot of pain. I am a true believer!!!


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