Troubled water

I like this photograph.
It represents a swimming pool on the beach that is flooded at high tide.
I waited until the borders of the pool were completely submerged before taking this image.

The image lacked contrast so during post-processing I added a curve in Photoshop. While adding a control point my daughter hit my arm by accident and due to the sudden movement I pulled the control point down changing the colour and appearance of the image dramatically.

I liked the result so much I did not bother to change it back to normal.

Flooded seawater swimming pool, Binic (2008) Nikon D300
Flooded seawater swimming pool, Binic (2008)
Nikon D300


I haven’t been very productive, photographically speaking, these past few weeks.

So this is one from my archives.

I photographed the 1907 Lion’s Steps (Leeuwentrap) in Vlissingen with a Holga lens mounted on my Olympus OM-D M-10. Added a HP5 Plus look with Nik Software Silver EFEX Pro plugin.

I am looking forward to this coming weekend as Sweetheart and I have booked a neat little B&B near the Eau d’Heure lakes. It will be about Q-time, walking, enjoying and maybe some photography.

Leeuwentrap, Vlissingen (2014) Holga lens on Olympus OM-D M-10
Leeuwentrap, Vlissingen (2014)
Holga lens on Olympus OM-D M-10


Affinity Photo Beta

The wait is finally over! We’re delighted to announce the public beta of Affinity Photo!

Like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo is built for creative professionals. It’s a brand new tool for photographers and raster artists with a refreshingly awesome level of performance. Unlike other affordable apps it’s unashamedly pro even as a beta version, supporting end-to-end CMYK, LAB colour, 16-bits per channel editing, ICC colour profiling, and fantastic Adobe® Photoshop® PSD and 64-bit plug-in support right from the start. With your input it’ll get even better!

Performance is silky-smooth and the tools are high-end, including Frequency Separation editing, live blend modes, and inpainting, all wrapped up in task-focused, uncluttered workspaces. Check out the video below — we think creative professionals could fall in love with photo editing and raster art all over again!

Source Serif 

I downloaded the Beta Version and will use it the next couple of days. I’ve been using Photoshop from version 3.0 on so I’m curious if this application will steal my heart. After all this is Valentine’s Weekend.


The Ninglinspo is a stream in Belgium, tributary of the Amblève upstream from Remouchamps around Quarreux. The valley of Ninglinspo is classed as an outstanding heritage area of Wallonia. It runs between Vert-Buisson and Nonceveux. The Ninglinspo forms rapids around enormous blocks of quartzite, forming a series of pools with evocative names. The site is favoured by tourists due to its beauty.

The Ninglinspo valley has been entirely lit to allow for nighttime walks. This exceptional natural beauty has inspired a number of local legends.
Source Wikipedia

Ninglinspo (2008) Nikon D300 and 24-120mm
Ninglinspo (2008)
Nikon D300 and 24-120mm