Starting a self-publishing project

I wrote about doing some self-publishing in one of my previous posts. The idea is still vague but I already know I’ll be giving the ebook I’ll create away for free.

What channel I am going to use to make my books available is not yet clear to me. It could be, Smashwords or directly downloadable from my website. Whatever solution I’ll choose it is important for me to have basic statistics.

I’ll be using Scribus for creating the books. I could do it with Pages or Word but that would be burdensome and time-consuming.

Scribus is a full blown DTP application and the best thing is that is free. I agree, the learning may be curve is a little steep but I like learning new stuff.

Except for a special date with Sweetheart this Saturday evening and going shopping with Big A. in the morning there is nothing else in my agenda for this weekend.

So this  weekend  I’ll be  watching some Season 2 episodes of The Following  and work on my first photography book that will contain a dozen of my best iPhone 4s Hipstamatic images.

I love the Tintype Snappak because they are so timeless and have a lovely structure to them.

I use a preset in Lightroom to the get the most out of these iPhone tintype images. In most cases opening the shadows between +80 and +100 and going down on the highlights with the same amount than add a little clarity and some contrast works well for these files. I finish with masked sharpening.

I’ll hope to have something to show by the end of the weekend!

Window iPhone 4s and Tintype Hipstamatic

iPhone 4s and Tintype Hipstamatic