Moon over…

Past weekend Sweetheart and I spend a weekend near Eau d’Heure Lakes. It is a complex of 5 artificial lakes with a total surface of 6 square kilometers.
There are also 5 dams and one hydroelectric power station.

As always we had a great time, Sweetheart and me. We enjoyed the hiking and the B&B I had booked was very comfortable and the meal served delicious.

The cold and the little rain did not bother us at all. We were together and that is finally all that counts.

I took 20-something color snaps with the Yashica Electro 35 and the first roll I shot after it was repaired.

I had my Nikon D300 with me as my main camera and the all-round 24-120mm lens.
After all I did not take that much pictures though. Spending quality time with Sweetheart is way more important.

Moon over a hydroelectric power station
Moon over a hydroelectric power station