Thoughts – March 4th, 2015

When Sweetheart and I went on weekend at the lakes of l’eau d’Heure I had a Lowepro rucksack with a few lenses, a handful Ilford HP5 film rolls, a flash, a Nikon F90x, a Nikon D300 and the Yashica Electro 35.
Yeah I know, way too much.

On our first walk we turned back after half an hour. I suffer from lower back pains and at that moment I was aware why I had switched to the micro four-thirds system. Great camera’s, incredible sharp lenses and all on our living room table gathering dust. The Olympus OM-D M-10 is a charm to use and I have some razor sharp prime lenses to pleasure the body.

Back at the car I had to make a choice. It was a simple one. I took the Nikon D300 with the all-round Nikon 24-120mm and the Yashica Electro 35 with an Agfa color film.

I could have taken the Nikon F90x too.
I didn’t.

It is really simple and we, Sweetheart and I, had discussed this several times prior to our weekend.

Sweetheart supports my photography 100% and we share a “special” project that we are working on together.

Next to that landscape photography is a solo trip. Especially when you work with film and/or large format. You wait for the right moment and the right light. Love conquers maybe one, two maybe three “I am waiting for the light” but that is it.

Taking a film camera would have slowed us down considerably.

On the other hand I find it fascinating to take a picture and hear Sweetheart ask me what the fuck are you seeing that I am not?

Sweetheart is always swept away when she sees the result and it makes our connection even deeper. It makes her understand how my mind works. I am sure over time Sweetheart will see her surroundings in a whole different way. There is reality and there is the mind’s eye.

In an ideal world I should take time off to go out and shoot.

The time Sweetheart and I can spend together at this moment in our lives is limited though.

So it is after all a simple choice.

Being able to shoot kind of “Moon over Hernandez” or spending time with Sweetheart, I’ll gladly choose for the latter.
It gives me much more gratification.

Tree, near lakes of l'eau d'Heure Nikon D300 and 24-120mm
Tree, near lakes of l’eau d’Heure
Nikon D300 and 24-120mm


  1. Beautiful, Stephan – both the image and the devotion you have for your Sweetheart❤️

    Love to you both from Colorado,


    • Hello Annie, thank you for your kind comment. Princess means everything to me and she makes my life rich and fantastic.
      From Belgium love from us both to you.
      Stephan and Sweetheart

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