New Second Hand Stuff

What a day it has been!
Regularly checking a Belgian 2nd hand site paid off well today.

Early this morning the mailman delivered an Olympus Zuiko 65-200 f4 lens for my Olympus OM-1n. It seems to be a hard to find high-quality lens. I paid 80 Euro.

I think my Olympus OM-1n system is now quite complete.

Then I left for a suburb of Brussels to get the second item and one I have been dreaming about for a long time.

While I am writing this post my “new” Epson V700 is buzzing happily scanning a bunch of 35mm color negs. It comes with Epson Scan and Silverfast 6. The latter is not compatible with OSX 10.10 so I had to splash another 25 Euro for an upgrade to version 8.

Yet the Epson software that comes with the scanner seems pretty cool too.

I’ll use it mainly for scanning 120 film because I already have a dedicated 35mm scanner.
But scanning thumbnails of a 35mm film is peanuts with this engine and a real pain with the Minolta ScanElite 5400 whom is dying slowly. Lately I have experienced some issues with the autofocus making each scan a hit or miss.

I found it amazing to see how the Epson Scan software scanned a whole 35mm film without hardly any color correction needed.

Mind you, I am not going to review the scanner or the lens though, there is enough information about them one cane find on the web.

I’m just saying it got these two items and I am really happy I did.

Flowers Nikon F2 loaded with Kodak Gold
Nikon F2 loaded with Kodak Gold




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