Stupid me

After picking up the Epson V700 yesterday I went shooting. I needed some 120 negs to scan. I enjoyed using the Bronica ETRSi because I find it hard to use without a tripod so it slowed me down even more.
I managed to shoot 2 rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus 120 film

This afternoon I developed the first one.

Until now I’ve been developing mostly 35mm film and I have a few 37,5 cl bottles. Developer, stop bath and fix. Ready to go.

After developing the film for little over 7 minutes with Kodak TMax and fixating it for 7 more minutes I opened the canister.
Sure enough the film wasn’t developed as it should have been. Over the whole length there was a 1 cm part that was much lighter than the rest of the negatives.

I must admit it took me some time to understand why.
Then it dawned to me. 37,5 cl is not enough when you develop roll film. You need at least 50 cl so the film was not completely submersed in the developer.
Stupid me.

One image came out well because I had framed it slightly of the centre so I could crop it in a square.

I did find the scan to be rather soft and not very sharp compared to the 35mm negatives I had scanned earlier on.
The guy who sold me the Epson told me I had to put the negatives with the emulsion side up. When scanned the 120 film with the emulsion down the image was much sharper.
I just need to remember to flip the image horizontally during post-processing.

Reflections (2015) Bronica ETRSi loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus
Reflections (2015)
Bronica ETRSi loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus