Bronica ETRSi Part III – The Return

I needed some C(reativity)-time.

I needed to regain trust too. With the Bronica ETRSi that is. I really need to know if I can trust the darn thing after the troubles I experienced.

After shooting a test roll a few days ago it seemed quite obvious my problems were caused by a faulty lens.
Yet I am who I am and thus I was not completely convinced it was that simple.
What if it has to do with how I insert the film holder? Maybe the problem is a faulty gear wheel.
Maybe it is a combination of actions and it will happen randomly and probably with price winning shots.
Maybe my Bronica is taken over by aliens whom decide what goes and goes not.

I had taken the day off and decided to drive to Westkapelle in The Netherlands. It is a small coastal town in the middle of nowhere and situated at the North Sea.

Westkapelle, The Netherlands
Westkapelle, The Netherlands

Just a two-hour drive from where I live.

Although I had a great time doing what I love almost as much as … Well, I missed Sweetheart very much and I would have loved having her at my side. But I know we would have walked, talked and kissed and no photographs would have been taken.

I took my Bronica and a few rolls of Ilford Delta 100. I exposed them at 50 ASA and used a -4 stop ND filter so I got 2″ to 4″ exposures at f22/f32.

As I did not trust my Bronica so I duplicated each shot with my Nikon D300 and the Nikon 24-120mm with a ND1000 filter (10 stops). They cannot be compared though as I got 20″ exposures with the Nikon and only 4 seconds tops with the Bronica. I need a 62mm to 72mm stepping ring so I can use the big stopper on the Bronica too.

Back home I developed the first roll. I gave it 6′:30″ with Kodak T-Max developer at 1+4.

Later on I developed roll 2 the same way.

As we speak/write I can confirm both rolls have developed very well and the negatives are extremely gorgeous looking.

Hell, I can almost hear them whisper and moan “scan me please, Sir” and that in the most sensual imaginable way.

I used the 150mm and 200mm for 90% of the time. The negatives shot with the 50mm have a slight fall-off in the corners due to the small aperture and the lens-hood not really adapted for that type of lens.

I enjoyed my day very much but having a good time without Sweetheart did not really feel okay.

If every image I took today is just rubbish I feel this one is great. I am waiting to scan the black and white counterpart though.

This was taken with the Nikon D300 at 24mm with a ND1000 filter giving me 20″ at f22.
Boy is my sensor dirty.




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