Lighthouse – Thoughts

Finally I found some time to scan the 2 rolls of 120 film I shot past Monday at the beach of Westkapelle.

First of all I am extremely happy with the Epson V700 scanner. I like the software that comes with it but for separate and final scans I prefer Silverfast SE8.

At 2400 dpi I get a 20+ megapixel file and enough latitude to work with as I prefer to scan the negatives with the largest possible histogram. Don’t get me wrong though. A 20+ megapixel RAW-file has much more possibilities.

I do my post-processing mostly in Lightroom and use Photoshop for those last final touches.

As I did not completely trust the Bronica I shot almost everything with the Nikon D300 too.

I can in some way compare the differences in workflow.

Obviously analogue requires much more work.
When you come home you have to develop your film. There are many ways to do this like stand developing for example or longer/shorter development depending if you pushed or pulled your film. Yes, creativity starts when you have your film ready for development and your chemicals lined up.

Post-processing is another aspect. The last two films dried in my toilet yet during that process the room was not visited by the tooth fairy but by a mean dust fairy.

So from my trip to Westkapelle I have a digital and an analogue file and the latter required much more work.

I prefer the analogue version because of the work, the input, the time spend correcting. It is craftsmanship pure and simple.
In this example, the lighthouse, I spend 15′ with the digital file and over 1 hour working on its analogue counterpart. I prefer by far the latter for the gritty look and its imperfections.

Just the get things right I do not think time spend on something should by any means by relevant. It is the final result that counts. I like this analogue version very much. I don’t miss the colour at all.

Lighthouse, Westkapelle (2015) Bronica ETRSi with 50mm and ND8 filter loaded with Ilford Delta 100
Lighthouse, Westkapelle (2015)
Bronica ETRSi with 50mm and ND8 filter loaded with Ilford Delta 100


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