Just another day

After an intense morning with Sweetheart I dropped her off at her place and then fell, like I often do, in some kind of black hole.

Too cold and grey and no interesting light/clouds and a zillion other stupid excuses kept me confined to my apartment albeit I would like to shoot new landscapes.
Guess I won’t find them in my living room.

Watched a grand movie, “Seven Psychopaths” and then went for a walk with the night shop as a goal. Bought a few beers.

I feel bad when I enter the shop.
The Pakistani guy knows my name and although he told me his so many times I always forget.
I also promised months ago to make his portrait. I know, people and me are in most cases marriages made in hell.

A bigger part of the late afternoon I spend scanning 2007/2008 negatives I took with the Bronica ETRSi.
Boy, the Epson V700 really delivers quality when I compare it to my old HP G4030 ScanJet.

I have a colleague who bought a few of my photographs several years ago and is looking to extend his collection with new work of mine. I feel honored but mostly thunderstruck that people are willing to pay me for a photograph I took.

So I promised him I would compose a portfolio to choose from. He told me black and white or color is not that important. It is about the connection with the image.

Then I surfed a few Belgian second hand sites looking for a 6×7 camera like the Mamiya RZ67. They are sparsely available but for now I can’t splash out the dough to get one.




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