3 Poles

This is one of the images that survived the Bronica Blues. Being able to crop it in 1:1 or square helps.

The negative was extremely underexposed. Using several layers in Photoshop and extensive masking I was able to rescue, I hope, the image.

Just for fun I duotoned the image and I find it to work well. The underexposed negative has something very gritty to it.

I scanned the negative with the Epson V700 twice. One version with the Epson software and one with Silverfast 8. The latter had the better detail and contrast and the controls in the software gave me much more possibilities to get the best out of the negative.

3 Poles (2015) Bronica ETRSi and HP5 Plus
3 Poles (2015)
Bronica ETRSi and HP5 Plus


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