Pushing it

When I came home from work this evening the sun was shining. Yeah, past weekend was one hour shorter so when I leave home in the morning it is pitch black.

I felt like I wanted to make some photographs so I loaded my Nikon F100, the faulty one who only takes Nikon G-lenses and loaded it with an Ilford HP5 Plus and cranked it up to 1600 ASA. A red filter was screwed on the 24-120mm lens and off I went.

Back home I developed the film for 10′ and the negatives came out pretty fine.

I did a few scans but gave up quickly. The Minolta Dimage 5400 is sadly dying very slowely. I am experiencing focusing issues. The preview is okay but then the final scan is completely out of focus. When I choose a manual focusing point the scan is okay and the next one too but sometimes not.

Little A. has been ill all weekend and Sweetheart too so these past few days I have lived in a bacterial warfare environment. The bugs are getting to me too but fortunately tomorrow is my last day at work. Yet I decided to turn in early as I feel rather tired and cold.

I love the gritty look of the 2+ stop pushed Ilford HP5 Plus and yes,  I am aware the subject chosen may not be ideal.

By the way, it has been since high school, back in the late seventies when I pushed film. I loved discovering the boundaries and I remember spending many extra hours in the school’s darkroom.

Trees (2015) Nikon F100 with Nikon 24-120mm and loaded with HP5 Plus pushed to 1600
Trees (2015)
Nikon F100 with Nikon 24-120mm and loaded with HP5 Plus pushed to 1600


  1. Tim this image is a keeper for me I think the uprating has worked well with the subject matter, you aught to try HP5+ with perceptol it makes that film sparkle. It’s not a uprating dev but I would urge you to try it.


    • Thank you for your feedback and I’ll take you advice at heart and try some Perceptol. Just printed the tech specs to find out more about this developer.


      • No problem at all 🙂
        I’ll be off to Antwerp this weekend to get some chemistry. Perceptol is on my list and something to try stand developing as well. Somebody told me they are selling out TLR Holga’s for just 25 Euro so if there is one left…


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