Hollow Way

Easter 2015.
Not much planned. Little A. is staying with me.
Sweetheart and I had to get up early and early it was. I switched off the lights only 6 hours earlier after an intense and fun evening in a club in Antwerp.

Sweetheart was invited with her kids at their grandparents so I dropped the love of my love off at her place at around 10.

A sunny morning it was, blue sky too, finally, and dozens of fluffy clouds.

Back home I told Little A. I wanted to go out and shoot and she was free to come with me or stay at home. I would nevertheless go.

I cooked lunch, did the dishwashing and prepared my cameras.
Without Little A. I would take the Bronica so I could slow myself down and in my other bag I had my Nikon F100 and the D300 and some glass for the quick and dirty work.

“I’m ready”, Little A. told me.
“Great”, I replied and took the bags with the Nikons. I did not want to push my luck.
“Where are we going?”
“Tourinnes-la-Grosse”, I told her. Of course it didn’t ring a bell and I could have told her we would drive to Wherevercity.

“Is it still far?”
We were driving for 10 minutes.
“Yeah”, I replied, “it is at least an one hour drive.”
“So we are not there yet?”
“No.” (shut the fuck up Little A.)
“I need to pee daddy.”
“Didn’t you go at home?” (rolling my eyes)
“Yes I did but I need to go again.”
“Can you stop please Daddy?”
“NO. Just fucking hold it up!!!!”

We have our moments, Little A. and I. Just making fun.

We arrived at Tourinnes-la-Grosse about 45′ minutes later.

It is a very small and insignificant little town in Wallonia and not that far from Leuven. It is just over that stupid linguistic frontier that exists in our country.

Stupid because we have a Federal Government, a Flemish Government, a French part of Belgium Government and a very small German part of Belgium Government and to top if off the Brussels Region with its own Government. No wonder I have to spend more than 50% of my income to taxes. All those parasites/nobodies/stupid asses (=politicians) have to be paid.

I don’t care. I speak Dutch (my mother tongue), French and English and a few words German.

When I was a kid I lived in Brussels and I can assure you, back in the sixties, I was not served well in shops because I spoke Dutch. Hell, I was ten or so.

Little A. was flabbergasted as she had seen nothing like this before.

Fields as far as the eye reached. Emptiness, loneliness and silence.
And then the hollow ways, sometimes 15 meters lower than the fields, sometimes at ground level.

She asked for my D300 and made photographs. She likes the sound of the shutter clicking but Little A. is not ready yet to enjoy the pleasure of seeing her creations. In Scherpenheuvel she also took photographs, taking her time to compose and shoot but never asked to see the results.

I finished my roll of pushed Ilford HP5 plus and then loaded my Nikon F100 with Ilford HP4 Plus. After 22 shots the camera told me the film was at its end and there was no way to shoot another frame.

Maybe a bad batch? Hell, the canister states it holds 36 exposures.
After developing I looked at 1.5 meters film with the bigger part empty.
Is this Nikon F100 failing on me too?

Tomorrow or Friday I am driving to Kortenberg near Leuven to pick up another Nikon F100 with motor drive. They accepted my bid of 150 Euro.

Hollow way (2015) Nikon F100 with 24-120mm with red filter and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Hollow way (2015)
Nikon F100 with 24-120mm with red filter and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus


  1. WOW!!! A stunning shot. I love the banter between you and Little A, it reminded me of trips with my dad.💚


    • My first F100 suddenly died. Everything works but pushing the shutter gives an error and no image is made. This one works only with a G-lens.
      I have all my manuals on PDF in my iPhone 🙂


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