Thoughts – April 13, 2015

After spending a week and a half at home, with Little A., today was my first day back at work. Although it wasn’t that awful it was boring as hell.

Yet I do not complain. After all I have a job, I work 4 days a week and get well paid for what I do. Work has become hard to find these days and a decent income even harder.

Having a job has become a luxury product.
Now isn’t that ironic?

Scanning is a tedious thing to do. Yet I enjoy it. Sitting at my desk and scanning 35mm film, giving each and every negative my full attention is a part of the craftsmanship that goes with analogue.

I don’t seek perfection while scanning; I seek perfection in scanning a negative so the file gives the most possibilities in post. I use Lightroom for that. Highlights, shadows, white and black point, sharpening, exposure and a little clarity or gradual density when needed is done in Lightroom. After that the image goes to Photoshop for dust removal and localised and masked levels, a touch of curves and dodging and a little burning and that’s it.

Some images feel, for one reason or another, more special. I have no idea why the affect me so much more. Maybe because what I see connects so strongly with a particular feeling or emotion? Because every part of the image falls into place?
Really, I have no idea.

Most of the time these images are the ones people seem to like less.

During our walk at Tourinnes-la-Grosse on Easter Sunday a woman riding a horse crossed our path.

For a second I hesitated and then, just in time, just before she was swallowed by the horizon, I made one image. Yeah, film does not come as cheap as a memory card for a digital camera.

Little A. was very curious to see the result. She is staying with her mother now so it won’t be for a week or so before I can show her this image.

I adore this photograph and it works well as a square or as a landscape image. The only point of critique I would have is the fact the image would have been much stronger if the horse had its four legs up in the air, like as in floating away.

A friend of mine who has an erotic blog asked me if he could use this image for a post about broadening ones (erotic) horizon.
I am very open minded so I said yes.

Horseback riding (2015) Nikon F100 with 24-120 and red filter loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Horseback riding (2015)
Nikon F100 with 24-120 and red filter loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus








  1. That’s a great frame, I was out on my cycle yesterday and paused to take a shot when ahead of me appeared two riders on horseback.

    I waited for them to ride by and took a couple of frames. They are waiting to be scanned at the mo though as I have lost my neg holder for the epson.

    I’ve ordered the lomography digitaliza holder for 35mm so as soon as it arrives I’ll be scanning again. Having said that I’m looking at getting a dedicated 35mm scanner I did own the Minolta 5400 which I sold foolishly but thought I wouldn’t return to analogue 😤 oh well the power of hindsight eh.


    • I’m quite curious to see your shots then.
      I love my Epson V700 but it does not do a great job on scanning 35mm.
      Selling material, yeah, I know… I sold my Sigma f4 100-300 a while back, had to, no options. I’m still regretting it.


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