April 15, 2015 – What a day

After a romantic evening and a very hot late evening and an even hotter morning I dropped Sweetheart off at her place.
We kissed goodbye, Sweetheart and I and I felt sad as I knew her day would not be that pleasant as mine.

I did not go home. It is mostly a very lonely place and the sun was shining and I wanted to do some shooting.

Past Sunday I had loaded my Olympus OM-1n with Ilford HP4 Plus and had taken a few shots in the nearby woods.

This morning I drove to Averbode Abbey because it was not that far from where I live and I hadn’t visited the place in donkey’s years.

I enjoyed the tranquility and the slow pace using my Olympus OM-1n. Long before noon it was already hot. I felt the sun burning on the skin of my bare arms. Some 27°c (80° F) and thus extraordinary temperatures. I had a great time and the scent of fir needles gave me a feeling of being on holiday. Sometimes life and happiness can be so very simple.

Back home I developed the film while cooking a meal consisting of Linguini and delicious sauce from a jar.

While the film dried I covered my body with factor 20 sunscreen and alternated 20′ on my terrace with 15′ inside.

I’ve been looking into Pinhole camera’s but they don’t come cheap. The Zero 2000 for example. Beautifully crafted wooden camera’s but unfortunately way to expensive.

Then I remembered I had a pinhole lens cap I bought ages ago for my Nikon but had used it rarely.

I got it out, loaded my F80 with Ilford Delta 100 (expiry date 2006) and went out shooting again.

Pinhole lens cap on Nikon F80 (45mm f196)
Pinhole lens cap on Nikon F80 (45mm f196)

It was 18:45 when I arrived where I wanted to shoot. I had been there the day before with Sweetheart for drinks. The light was simply gorgeous. Unfortunately no fluffy clouds or wind but it was just a test. I came well prepared. On my iPhone I have an app to calculate the reciprocity time for film and had downloaded file that recalculated a normal reading f16 to f196.
The shots I made varied between 10″ and 1’30. Back home I developed the film adding 1′ and ending with great looking negatives.

Untitled (2015) Olympus OM-1n with 135mm f3,5 loaded with Ilford FP Plus
Untitled (2015)
Olympus OM-1n with 135mm f3,5 loaded with Ilford FP Plus










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