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You have a point Dan. In the mid seventies when I attended photography at college we already noticed how price winning photographs in major contests were copied the next year by dozens.
Today we are overloaded with images so I think it is harder to be original in one’s art. I love to use Michael Kenna as an example. His work is very distinct but every day I see variations/copies of his work on, for example, Facebook. One could ask in such a case where copying ends and something new emerges.
I think there is much more about it than a simple monkey see, monkey do. Maybe it is also about trying to ride the same wave of success as the one that is copied or lack of imagination? Laziness?
Anyway I enjoyed reading your post and it made me think.

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I hope to always be growing. I hope to be forever changing the way my photos look. I hope that I stand apart from the crowd for better or worse.

I belong to a couple of different photo sharing websites, and For me they are a convenient way to see where the world of photography is headed. One of my habits is to view the landscape section of 500px and click on the tag “popular”. What I often see are pages of the very same picture taken in different places around the world. It is almost as if the same photographer were taking all the photos. It is the sameness that ruins it for me. Art whether it be photography, music or painting is about self expression.

Why is it then that 500px and even flickr have more photos that look more alike than different? Is it monkey…

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  1. Always good to change direction from time to time Dan. I find myself doing the same thing because of everything you’ve stated.
    Thanks for bringing this subject to the attention of others. Cheers!


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