REBLOG – Renewing My Commitment to 35mm Film

This is one great article about returning to analogue photography and there are some awesome images that go with it.



1954 Leica IIIf 35mm rangefinder -- Central Maryland (January 2014)iPhone 5S + 30/2.2 1954 Leica IIIf 35mm rangefinder — Central Maryland (January 2014)
iPhone 5S + 30/2.2

I don’t know how many of you have paid attention, but I resumed shooting with 35mm film about eighteen months ago.

Initially this foray back into the analog world was just intended to be a stop-gap measure while waiting for my Sony A7 digital body to be repaired.  For reasons that still remain unexplained to me, both the CMOS image sensor and the main processor in the camera fried to a crisp less than a week after I received it as a Christmas gift in late 2013.  So off it went, into the bottomless black pit despair otherwise known as Sony warranty servicing — which involved four separate contact groups, in three separate countries, with four different nationalities.  For all their savvy at creating superb electronics, Sony has some of the worst customer support of all the big players, dating back to at least the mid-1990’s when I used to…

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