Auto Extension Tubes

Over the past 6 months I have collected quite a nice analogue Olympus kit. Lenses, both primes and zooms, 3 camera’s and a flash. Finally  it was not that hard to find.

I love macro and close-up photography. I have 2 third party lenses that offer this possibility.
But I want the real thing. Olympus made gear.

A few days ago I stumbled over an add offering auto extension tubes.
You put them between your camera and lens offering close-up to macro photography possibilities. It depends on the length of the tubes, the combination and the lens you use.

They came ridiculously cheap, 10 Euro a piece. I mailed the seller and he assured me it was original Olympus gear.
I was ready to pay what he asked.

So after dropping Sweetheart at her place, it was so difficult for us both to say bye for now after such a hot evening and an even hotter morning, I picked up the extension tubes.

They are in mint condition and in their original packaging. So with a smile I took my wallet and gave him the 20 Euro.

I should get a glass cabinet as Sweetheart suggested.

Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix 20mm f1,7
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix 20mm f1,7