Out shooting

My initial plan was to go to Antwerp by train and do some shopping.
When I woke up this morning my lower back pains made me decide otherwise.

So after breakfast and stopping by the local photography store to get some Ilford FP4 Plus I was on my way to the Netherlands. Yes, the guy in the photo store has a little stash of b&w film but they are more expensive than in Antwerp.

Sitting straight in my car seat helps relieving my back.
I drove to the Zeeland, the westernmost province of the Netherlands. Large parts of Zeeland are below sea level and its capital is Middelburg.
My destination was Tholen and I had a great day. I mostly used my Olympus OM-1n and the 28 and 50mm with a red filter and the 65-200 came also a few times out of my bag.
The sky wasn’t that special, the light rather bright but soft with no real shadows. Not ideal for landscape photography. So I concentrated on finding shots that worked well under these conditions.

I visited the church of Tholen and was surprised hearing the organ producing beautiful music. Then I met the organist and we talked for a while. I asked him about the organ’s history as it had struck me as a beautiful piece of art. He told me he was tuning the organ because later today a CD was going to be recorded.

With my iPhone 4s I did a pan from the organ while recording a piece of the music. Nothing special, just to get a taste.

Then I drove further and finished a first film. The film is drying while I am writing this so I’ll be posting some images very soon.

I did miss Sweetheart though. She would have enjoyed exploring this little part of the Netherlands with me. I am sure we would have had a grand day.

Instead I had my usual weapons with me. My Olympus OM-1n of course and a few lenses. My Tens sunglasses and of course the iPod Classic.

Of course I took also two small bottles of mineral water, two apples and my tripod with me.

Shot with an Olympus OM-D M10 and a very cheap CCTV-lens
Shot with my Olympus OM-D M10 and a very cheap CCTV-lens


  1. Somewhat jealous I confess. Your photography just makes me long to visit that beautiful continent so much more.


    • Thank you Dievca. That is one reason why I switched to micro four thirds, huge quality, low weight. But now with the analogue camera’s I’m back to square one when it comes to carrying weight. But I have a very good osteopath and he really helped me get rid from most of the pain and discomfort.


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