The Grand or Our Lady Church, Tholen

Nothing is known about the origin of the Grand Church. It is certain that there has been a church in the 13th or 14th century, it was situated on the same place as the aisle in the present day church.

It is build in the Brabant Gothic style and is a cross-basilica.

Some dimensions.
Height of the tower 49 metres. True square of 8.50 meters. Cross- basilica 67 metres long. Width of aisle 18 metres, height 24 metres. In the tower there are three bells of which the biggest weighs 959 kilos.

The monumental organ at the West side of the church and the tower wall was built by Gebr. Van Dam in 1832.
The organ was originally built for the Galileëchurch in Leeuwarden.

Because of the demolishing of that church, the organ was sold to the Reformed congregation of Doesburg. It was never built up there because of the outbreak of the Second World War.

At the beginning of the fifties, the Reformed congregation of Tholen bought the organ and the rebuilding of it was finished in 1955.

I enjoyed visiting this church and the town of Tholen is quiet and cozy and very well maintained.

I have an outside shot of the church but that black and white film is not yet developed.



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