Yesterday afternoon I visited Gestel. Up to 1964 it was the smallest town of the Province of Antwerp but then was added to Berlaar near Lier.

A few houses and a church is all there is to see. Yet it resides in an oase of green field and trees and the few houses are all renovated.

I spend some 45′ in Gestel and made only 7 carefully composed photographs with my Olympus OM-1.

I started this blog in October last year and after 14 years of digital photography going back to my roots and thus film photography changed my the way I look at the world, how I photograph for the better.
Slowing down, taking time makes me enjoy the moment when I am living it, not hours later in front of my monitor looking at a zillion digital captures.
I am sure my photography has changed too.

I don’t take a digital camera with me anymore, I totally rely on camera’s made in the mid seventies and I simply love using them.

I am planning an in-depth post about how I think and feel film had changed me as a photographer and as a human being, a spectator of the world. In another article I will try to tell you how my workflow has changed and how I was able to fit in analogue photography in this digital workflow. I have had some problems with developing film, the calcium issue, but now I feel absolutely confident with developing black and white film.

A while ago I contacted Steve Huffs excellent website. On his website he offers a forum for other bloggers to post something relevant about photography.
So after some hesitation I send him a few ideas. Unfortunately he never answered, not even to simply say he was not interested.
I must admit it surprised me a little.
But it is what it is.

Gestel (2015) Olympus OM-1 with G.Zuiko 28mm with red filter and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Gestel (2015)
Olympus OM-1 with G.Zuiko 28mm with red filter and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus