David and Goliath

The Kiev 6C is one heavy SOB and with the Jupiter lens mounted you are ready for a workout.

I could make a photograph of the camera on a bathroom scale but that would say nothing. Weight, even as an exact science, is somewhat subjective as dimensions also seem to play a subjective role.

But dimensions can be compared. So I made this simple no fuss shot on my desk comparing the Kiev 6C to my small Olympus OM-1 and I threw an AA battery in too.

The Olympus has the 50mm f1.8 Zuiko attached and the Kiev the wide angle Mir 38b 65mm f3.5 with yellow filter.

I hope I can go out shooting tomorrow as I have a day off. In the evening Sweetheart has invited me to the theater in Leuven. She got us tickets for The Cherry Orchard by Anton Checkov (no we are not Commies). Maybe a few drinks afterwards and then its back to my/our place for a good night sleep and more fun Wednesday forenoon to celebrate my 56th anniversary.

David and Goliath (2015) Olympus OM-D M-10 with 45mm f1,8 and one Jinbei 180WS with softbox
David and Goliath (2015)
Olympus OM-D M-10 with 45mm f1,8 and one Jinbei 180WS with softbox


One of the first images I shot with the Kiev 6C. There was not that much to shoot here at home. As Little A. was staying with me I didn’t want to leave her home alone.
For this photograph I used the Jupiter 36b 250mm and a macro ring and shot the compass hand held at f8 with 1/500. I found already a 3/8″ adapter on eBay so I can use my sturdy tripod.

The only thing that not seems to work, but that is just a minor glitch, is the PC-sync. So I won’t be able to do studio shooting with this camera unless I find a way around this.

I will have to get used to having the shutter release button on the left side and yes, that feels very awkward indeed.

I can’t say much after one roll of film with some stupid photographs but I think I’m going to have lots of fun with this camera. And I’m sure I’ll grow some extra muscles doing so.

Now I will be able to set the Epson V700 to work too.

Compass (2015) Kiev 6C with Jupiter 36b 250mm and macro ring loaded with expired TMax 320
Compass (2015)
Kiev 6C with Jupiter 36b 250mm and macro ring loaded with expired TMax 320

The Kiev 6C

This morning I drove to the city of Ghent to meet a camera collector. It was not the first time I did business with this very friendly gentleman. My Yashica Electro 35 GSN came from his collection.
Yet it was the first time we met in person.

Almost an hour later I was on the road again, driving back home. With me a Kiev 6C SLR (USSR) with a removable TLL prism, a waist level finder, two macro rings,  a few filters and the standard Vega 90mm f2.8. In two extra lens bags I carried a Mir 38b 65mm f3.5 wide angle and a Jupiter 36b 250mm f3.5.
All this material was bought in Ukraine so it was material designated for the domestic market and names are engraved in Cyrillic.

Kiev 6C

The aperture blades are made from brass and the Jupiter is very heavy. The front lens glass is in one piece and not a combination of lenses you find in European or Japanese design.

The camera itself was sold in 1979 and was intended as a gift for a factory manager who retired. It seems everybody in the factory pitched in for this camera. At that time it cost 380 roubles and was twice the amount of a top managers’s monthly salary.

Back home I put an old Kodak T320 in the camera just to try it out. It took me almost 10 minutes before I got the roll correctly fixed in the film holder. I took some shots with the different lenses and with the macro adapter and everything seems to work perfectly. I did not find the film counter to be reliable but then again it may just be my awkwardness with this new camera.

Kiev 6C Warranty

The standard Vega 90mm f2.8 stayed behind as there was an issue with the aperture blades. It will be send to me in the next couple of days.

One of the first things I’ll have to get is a camera plate for my tripod as the Kiev 6C takes another thread. Shouldn’t be hard to find on eBay.

This evening, after dropping Little A. at boarding school, I’ll take some picture of the camera and post them. I have a day off tomorrow so I hope I can go out and do some shooting.

Sweetheart hasn’t seen the camera yet but she saw the camera bag on an image and fell in love with it 🙂

Kiev leather camera bag and  lens bags
Kiev leather camera bag and lens bags