An evening in town

Yesterday evening, May 26th, I enjoyed an intense and wonderful evening. It was something Sweetheart had organised.
I travelled light and took with me the Olympus OM-D M-10 and the very sharp Lumix 20mm f1.7

I picked the love of my life up at 18:30 and then we drove to Leuven, well know for its university, the students and the nightlife. We had tickets for “The Cherry Garden” a play written by Anton Tsjechov. It was a cozy and old theatre and we had seats on the first balcony.

It was a great play about saying goodbye, decay, loss, love, memories and so much more. I enjoyed every single second of it.

After the play Sweetheart showed me around Leuven, a city I do not know very well but she does. We had a few drinks and we simply enjoyed walking, talking and holding hands. In one of the student cafés we enjoyed for a few moments a band playing Elvis.

We arrived back home at 00:00 precisely and even before I could shut down the engine of my car her lips were on mine while she wished me a happy birthday.

I had a memorable and intense evening with Sweetheart and she slept well in my arms. I on the other hand found it difficult to fall asleep. I had so many enjoyable stimuli so my adrenaline was still peaking. And then there are the thoughts one has when getting older. They kept me awake for the bigger part of the night. But that was okay as I felt Sweetheart’s warmth and her breath and knew all was okay.

The alarm did its thing at 6 this morning and then we got up and I drove Sweetheart to her place and then I went back to bed. She joined me an hour and a half later and we enjoyed each other and our love till we finally got up at 10:30.

Just before noon I said once again goodbye as Sweetheart had to return to her regular life. Pick up kids and her granddaughter and so on.

I stayed home and enjoyed the memories and even more the hope that one day we will be able to live together.
And marry.
And love each other till the end of time.
Sweetheart and me.



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