Kiev 6C – Issues

I few days ago I went for a walk on the moors of Kessel not far from where I live.  It is one of the only places left where one can find sundew.

Seeing some Drosera was not my goal though. I wanted to enjoy the Kiev 6C.

It is truly a great camera and I shot two rolls of Ilford HP5 using mostly the 60mm wide angle and measuring the light with my handheld light meter.

I removed the TTL prism and switched to the waist level finder and made a few low POV images.

Working with the Kiev really slows me down. Each expensive roll of film holds only 12 shots. I noticed how at several occasions I waited for the sunlight to appear so it could paint spots of light on the scenery. I did not shoot if I did not like what I saw.

Back home I developed the films and scanned the negatives with the Epson V700 and Epson Scan.
The images are tack sharp but I have an issue with the camera though.

I had already noticed it on the image with the compass but thought/hoped it had to do with the fact the film had expired 5 years ago.

At shutter speeds lower than 1/30″ or even 1/125″ it is (almost) imperceptible but it increases and becomes apparent at 1/500″ and really a huge problem at 1/1000″.

The left side of the negative is slightly or much darker than the right side. I managed to fix one with PS but with images taken at high speeds this is not an option.

The Kiev 6C was sold in 1979 but was never used. P., the man whom sold me the camera, had tested the shutter speeds but without the right testing equipment it is very hard to detect the slight difference in speed between curtain 1 and 2.

He promised to fix it and we’ll test at the same time with film so I am not really worried.


Flower (2015) Kiev 6C with 60mm and loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus
Flower (2015)
Kiev 6C with 60mm and loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus




  1. Another little gem of a shot stephan, there is something so special about using med format, it is always a more sedate form of picture taking. Good news about the fella repairing it for you, on a camera note I have news, I picked up a mint OM2n black wasn’t cheap at £149 but I sold my other for £80 and the new one had a service prior to me buying. It arrived today and is like new it will stay with me until I’m I can no longer shoot.


    • Wow Martin, this is great news, I am thrilled for you. I really hope you’ll enjoy the camera and I am sure it will be a faithful companion on your trips!


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