Kiev 10 – Real world shooting

This morning I was awake long before the alarm would go off. It was almost 8 in the morning and sunlight peeked through the curtains. I hadn’t slept very well but that is no news anymore. It has been like that for several weeks now. I have no worries, I am very happy and yet.

I got up, made and drank coffee and decided I would take the Kiev 10 for a walk. I loaded it with Ilford FP4 Plus and drove to the nearby woods. I was curious if having a new camera and lenses would affect my creativity.
Well it kind of did.

The Kiev 10 feels great in my hands. I started with the MIR-1 37mm f2.8 and after a few shots I used the Helios-81 50mm f2.0.

With a very bright viewfinder and the micro-crystals in de center spot focusing is quick and easy. Wide open both lenses are rather soft but I find the bokeh to be very good. Closed down a stop or so they are very sharp.
I’ll be doing some color with this camera too.

Advancing the film goes swift but you feel some resistance. It surprised me at the end of the film and I almost ripped it.

Two negatives lacked the frame space in between and over the whole film these spacing was not consistent like for example with my Olympus or Nikon cameras. There are also horizontal lines over the negative. I am not sure if it is the camera of the device I use to get rid of the water on the film when I hang them to dry. I have not noticed it before with other cameras but we’ll see.

To my great surprise the negatives where all well exposed although I used the Kiev 10 only in automatic mode. Changing shutter speed changes the aperture and it works like a charm. In the viewfinder you see the aperture that will be used but you have no idea what the corresponding shutter speed is. Three of my images were blurred caused by a low shutter speed and a shutter release button that is hard to push compared to my Olympus and Nikon cameras.

Pushing the shutter release halfway closes the aperture so you can check depth-of-field.

The image that goes with this post was very well exposed too albeit it was a tricky situation. A very dark background and sunlight hitting only the stems of the plant and yet I had no work adjusting the scan to get it right.

Hats off for this 1972 innovative camera. I am having a blast using the Kiev 10.

Thanks P. for giving me this opportunity discovering this very special camera.

Alien (2015) Kiev 10 with Helios-81 50mm f2.0 and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus. Shot wide open.
Alien (2015)
Kiev 10 with Helios-81 50mm f2.0 and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus. Shot wide open.


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