Kiev 6C – Shutterblues Part 3

Yesterday, when I got the synchronisation of the shutter curtain almost right, after only 3 attempts doubt embraced me.
It felt  way to easy and I could not believe I had done it in only 3 tries. Hell, I have no experience whatsoever doing what I did.  And even if it was sheer luck there had to be more, there had to be something that I was overlooking.
All afternoon I kept asking myself where is the catch. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go out and shoot.

I picked Sweetheart up at 7. She was in for a treat as I had reserved a table in a sweet little restaurant in the middle of the fields near the river Nete. Restaurant ‘t Schipke is well know for its superb and fine cuisine.
We were taken to our table and shortly after we ordered. Dinner was indeed delicious, the Merlot-Cabernet great and Sweetheart, in her beautiful red dress simply gorgeous and so very yummy. We talked about a zillion things and I felt so very happy and complete being with the love of my life. We also talked about my intention of shutting down my other blog. I had no consulted her and she felt sad by the thought of all these intense posts being lost forever. She asked me to reconsider and I promised I would think about it.

Back home we wished Little A. good night and went to our bedroom. We enjoyed each other but soon the red wine made us lazy and soon we were asleep, spooning, holding each other close. Yes, Sweetheart and I have something very special and rare going on.

This morning we woke up early. So great to see the early sunlight caress her almost golden blonde hair and drips of light touched her delicious body I know so well ever so gently.

Wooden pole (2015) Kiev 6C with 60mm and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Wooden pole (2015)
Kiev 6C with 60mm and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus

We left home at 10:30 and went for a walk in the nearby fields. It was warm and the sky blue with some little fluffy clouds. Needless to say I had my Kiev 6C with me. There was nothing special that caught my eye so I snapped 12 shots and then it was time to drop Sweetheart off at her place.
Sweetheart and I had a hard time saying goodbye and for a while we sat on a bench she has against the sunny side of her house. Soon we had company of her pot-bellied pig who came begging for some old bread.

Then I was back home and started cooking dinner for Little A. and myself. But before I started working in the kitchen I loaded the film in the development tank and then, while waiting for the water to cook, I started developing.
Boy was I nervous and curious. The 8 minutes lasted forever, I shortened the stop bath to 30″ and fixed for 4 minutes. Then I opened the canister and had a peek at the last negative of the roll. It looked just fine.
So I prepared our meal while I let the film rinse and then, just before calling Little A. at table I hung the film to dry. It was the first time I could look at the whole film and boy, every negative was dense and well exposed.

Later on this afternoon I scanned the negatives. Those taken at 1/1000″ still have some darkening at the right side and I’m wondering if I notice it only because I know it is there.

The camera needs simply a few minor adjustments. I’ll do that sometime soon. As a matter of a fact I am afraid doing something wrong and ending once again at square zero.

We’ll see.

The examples I’m adding are just examples, hardly retouched and not very sharp either.

Grass (2015) Kiev 6C with 60mm and loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus
Grass (2015)
Kiev 6C with 60mm and loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus. The darkening at the right is very obvious.