Kiev 6C – Final adjustments

Yesterday afternoon, back home after a hard day at work, I took my Kiev 6C and took away the bottom plate so I could gain access to the two wheels controlling the shutter curtain.

I took my two small screwdrivers and immediately started to sweat. I was freaking mad to want and get an even preciser shutter curtain synchronization. But it had to be done. The idea that there would be a slightly darker vertical streak at the right end of the negative was an unbearable thought. Okay, I could shoot at 1/250 and maybe even 1/500 and nobody would notice it. But I would know though and it would haunt me.

Careful and then even more careful I moved the tiny gear wheel 4 clicks and than let my breath go, wiped the sweat away and closed the camera. I made a 35mm test strip, made fresh developer and 15′ later I scanned it. It looked absolutely perfect but I did find the negative very dense, almost black so I was not sure how much darkening I had taken away as it was hard to see. Nothing showed on the scan but that could be caused by the strip being over-exposed.

I loaded a film and went for a walk and filled the roll with 12 shots taken in my immediate neighborhood measuring light with my hand-held light meter.

After developing the negatives I noticed how dense they were, almost if they were overexposed by at least a stop. Maybe event 2.
I didn’t and don’t think much about it. Maybe I screwed up making the developer, maybe I did not do a good job measuring, or maybe whatever. Maybe the aperture blades suffered from the hot and sunny afternoon.

One of these days I have to take the Jupiter 36b 250mm f3.5 (sticky aperture blades) and the Vega 90mm f2.8 ( (no sure focus is correct at infinity) back to P. I hope hell find time to do the adjustments while I am there so I can learn from him. Even better would be if P. let me do it myself under his guidance.

We’ll see. The few images I did not take in harsh sunlight were dense too but fairly easy to scan.
I have no idea at what shutter speed this image was taken. I like the sharpness and detail, the smoothness of the areas that are not in focus.
Do I love shooting with this camera and its heavy but very good to excellent lenses.
I am very happy Sweetheart convinced me to get this gear.

Bannister (2015) Kiev 6C with 65mm and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus
Bannister (2015)
Kiev 6C with 65mm and loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus




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