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“What’s wrong with the Bronica?”, Sweetheart whispered. I had Sweetheart’s hair in my fist and pulled gently. She shivered, naked skin against naked skin. Desire and love, pain and lust; it is the way we are, Sweetheart and Me.
“Nah”, I replied, “I love looking at the world trough a square window.”

That was what made me give up film school back in the early ’80ties. Film is an horizontal image experience. No square of vertical. At that age, a young adult, I did not want to be told how to look at the world. I still don’t, at 56 I am still an anarchist.

Maybe back then it was more about an excuse. As a widow my mother could not pay extended studies for me.
We both needed an excuse to get out so I did and got my first job.

The Kiev 6C being what it is I wanted to go out an shoot without being preoccupied with exposure and darkening and shutter speed blues. I wanted to go out and shoot and be sure each and every exposure would be right. I wanted to rely on the material and create freely.

So I went out with the Bronica 645 and shot 2 rolls of 120 and then I surpassed myself and developed both films in the same canister. Yeah, that is a first one for me. You see, split the risks. Bad developer, temperature issues, whatever can interfere with the final results.

Both films, developed in the same development tank, came out perfectly developed.

Grass ( 2015) Bronica ETRSi with 200mm and loaded wiht Ilford FP4 Plus
Grass ( 2015)
Bronica ETRSi with 200mm and loaded wiht Ilford FP4 Plus


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