Kiev 4

This is a repost as I occidentally trashed the previous post and is not the complete version! 

Every camera is different and therefore the results are also different. I believe this is even more true for vintage cameras. This late afternoon I acquired a Kiev 4 (type 3), a 35 mm range finder and a Contax clone. The story of Kiev and the Arsenal Factory are well known. After the second World War the Soviets acquired the Zeiss Contax II and III from Germany as part of war reparations.

The Kiev 4 was produced between 1947 and 1987  in the Arsenal Factory situated in Kiev, Ukraine. The lens is a Jupiter-8M  50mm  f2.0 and an Arsenal copy of the Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f2.

This camera dates from 1964 and is in mint condition. Only the self-timer does not work and the Selenium build-in light-meter is off. But I own a handheld Sekonic L-86 “Auto-Lumi” (1963-1978) light meter, also with a Selenium cell, that works just fine.

I loaded the camera with an Ilford HP5 Plus film and went for a short walk just to take some shots in order to test the camera’s working order.

Everything is just fine and the lens is super sharp.
More on this camera later on.Kiev 4 (model 3) 1964