Thoughts – June 26th, 2015

It is way past eleven. Outside it is dark, inside the apartment it is hot. I have the windows open and I hear music. Not that loud as last year though. It is the annual fair in out town and main street one long promenade where one can drink, eat and shop. This will go on till Sunday night.

I had the intention to go out at dusk with the Kiev 4 loaded with Ilford HP5+ pushed to 3200. That would have given some gritty images and maybe even some great shots.

Finally I didn’t go. Too crowded for my taste. The main street is a river of slow moving human flesh bumping into me. I hate that.
After a few steps you become a part of that flow. It is inevitable. Being part of a mass reeking of hotdogs, hamburgers, sweat and what not is not something I want. I am an individualist and not a sheep in a flock.
I hate it when a group dictates my movements and my experience of the moment.

When morning light peeks over the horizon and the streets harbor only the barflies trying to find their way home, then I feel at ease. When music fades, market booths roll down their window stores and closing time is way over time, then I feel okay on the streets.

Yet I am not a street photographer. I wish I were though. It is about my inability to connect with people. For some reason I don’t have the proper social skills to just connect with small talk.

There are exceptions though but these happen only when I know I am in control of the situation.

Two years ago I went to the fair though. It had been raining and I wanted to play with my new camera, a mirrorless Olympus E-PM1 and a 25mm f1,7 CCTV lens.

But this evening, almost midnight, it is hot outside and the streets are crowded. Not my playground.

Hell, I’m writing instead so that is a good thing.
Well, I hope it is.

I would love to do a shout-out to my Sister’s blog The Unfortunate Traveller. She is a great photographer with a vision. Please check out her blog The Unfortunate Traveller. It is worth your time. She has some great work.

We haven’t seen each other since donkey’s years yet she is the only relative I have left except for my two daughters.
If I would not have Sweetheart/Princess in my life I would be a very lonely man.

I have so much to thank Sweetheart for.
She is my raison d’être.

Sweetheart is my oxygen, my blood and my heart.

Action (2013) Olympus E-PM1 converted to b&w
Action (2013)
Olympus E-PM1 converted to b&w


  1. “I hate it when a group dictates my movements and my experience of the moment.” OH!!! This is me to the core. I find I go the opposite way just because I can. I don’t like clusters of anything but grapes.


  2. I guess I´m too shy to be a street photographer but I love street photography nevertheless. You write so beautifully about your sweetheart, that´s nice.


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