Just another Saturday

Haven’t been outside much these last few days. Way too hot. We are not used to temperatures of 34°C (93,2°F) and up. There is no wind and the shadows under the trees offer a false welcome.
Since this morning we are officially experiencing a heat wave.

The nights are hot too and it feels like there is no air in my apartment.

Sticky and sweatty skin. Mosquitos.

Windows open to catch some coolth. Outside, not far from where I live, in a newly opened bar the sound is set to its maximum. My windows tremble, dancing on the heavy basses.

No sleep.
I have my eReader so I read a little. Get up to drink some water.

Early lights peaks trough the gently blowing curtains. The sun is up and already it is hot outside. Another day in hell. The promised summer storm stays away.

What shall I do today except for sweating, drinking water and lying down on my bed reading and dreaming?

I wish all my American followers and friends a happy and fun 4th of July!

Untitled (2015) Bronica ETRSi with 200mm and loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus
Untitled (2015)
Bronica ETRSi with 200mm and loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus


  1. Yesterday was 105 here. We went out to take some photos around 7:30 at night and only lasted about 2 hours outdoors. At one point the sweat was rolling down my forehead and into my eyes that I couldn’t take my shot. I doubt we’ll be doing much outdoor celebrating tonight but happy 4th!


    • It is not the sweat that really bugs me but the biting bugs in the woods 🙂 Much cooler today after one of these brief but impressive summer thunderstorms.


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