What is my destination?

This morning I told Sweetheart I had no idea what to take with me, photographically speaking, on our holiday. Yes, in September we are going for a week to Arromanches, Normandy. Nothing World War II related, simply a destination France.

I wish I could take her somewhere exotic, something that involves a plane. Sweetheart has never flown (I am not a great fan of planes) For the moment though her kids define her time and future so we keep things in a safe distance.

Summer (2015) Nikon D2h with Vivitar 75-2015 f3.5mm lens
Summer (2015)
Nikon D2h with Vivitar 75-2015 f3.5mm lens

For quick and dirty work I’ll take a digital camera. Maybe the Nikon D300 so I’ll have also the F100 and F90 with me as they use the same lenses.

I would love to make some analogue long exposure shots. But then I think, hell, everybody is doing that today.
The Volker Birkes, Henki Koentjoros, Gittan Beheydts, Hiro Sugimotos and Michael Kennas of this world are creating astonishing long time exposures.
What do I have to add to the genre?

Landscape? Something colorful shot during the golden hour, blue hour or whatever hour, like Peter Lik or Serge Ramelli?
Nope, I don’t do high-end postcards.

Fact is I have no idea what to do next.
I feel, creatively speaking, lost.

Marguerite (2015) Nikon D2h with Vivitar 75-2015 f3.5mm lens
Marguerite (2015)
Nikon D2h with Vivitar 75-2015 f3.5mm lens




  1. Stephan when I pop by here it is like reading my own thought processes, I too have posed the same questions, and like you will not just copy those that you have mentioned. I get sick of seeing long exposure water shots, or those cornish type landscapes, hell they even go to exactly the same place he stood. I think there must be indents where he’s placed the tripod, a little like those historical kodak spots which were seen in the US of A.

    It is always hard to find your own niche and I don’t think I have found mine as yet, perhaps not having one is a good thing, it allows you the freedom to do as you wish. I hate the rigidity that exists within photography, like me you post on your blog, I dare say that also like me you post what you want / like.

    That I think is the point, I never care what reception an image of mine will receive, yes it’s nice to have positive comments but I post for me, if a visitor likes it or is moved by the image in a way I was that’s great, but, I also like feedback which shows the viewer has thought about it, even if it’s negative.

    I love your work, as it echoes mine in many ways, so carry on and shoot for you, the decision to go with one lens and a camera I think is a good one, as it frees you of distractions and alternate choices. To be honest even though I have a 50 and 150 for the hasselblad I just love the 80 as it renders so beautifully, much like the OM2n and 50, I look forward to seeing the results. šŸ™‚


    • Martin, I know you and I are in some ways very alike. It is a shame getting together for a couple of beers and a good chat is not possible. Having a niche had, in my opinion, an advantage: being able do discover and experiment in a certain direction. On the other hand not having one give freedom. At the moment I am still searching to rediscover myself. It is a process that happens every now and then but it is a little paralyzing at times. I too like your work, I guess the echo works in both ways šŸ™‚
      Take care.


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