Nikonos IV-a

I am aware I haven’t been posting much on this blog lately. Call it photographers’ block or laziness or lack of inspiration. Indeed, photographically speaking I am a little lost, still not sure what direction to take.

The guy whom owns the thee-shop I shop at regularly told me he had the impression it was mostly the self-criticism that is paralyzing me. And the fact I am laying the bar to high.

Anyway, today I was cleaning out the big cupboard in my living room, trying to make some space for my cameras when I found this forgotten gem.

I bought it on eBay maybe 7 years ago because I liked it and wanted it. I never used it though except to run a test roll just to see if it was in working order.
It was.
And I had plans but never carried them out. Not because I didn’t want to. It was more because of let bygones be what they are, bygones.

You see I am/was and experienced 2star CMAS diver. Most of my dives I did in murky water, in the Netherlands. In the Oosterschelde, Zeeland.
On good days you could see 1 to 2 meters but mostly 50 centimeters was the best one could expect for.

On Saturdays and Sundays it was crowded as it was one of the only places one could really enjoy a dive.

So soon, with a few friends, we started doing night dives. Boy, what an experience that was. You only saw what passed in the beam of your torch and fear your worst enemy. Thinking of the Kraken and other dangerous monsters lurking just outside that beam of light.

We did 2 to 3 hour dives going not deeper than 10 meters. Sometimes though we dived for only 45′, mostly decompression stages, after a 50 meters (165 feet) deep dive where we played with baby sepia’s, highly intelligent and curious mollusks.

I remember how the sheer beauty of the underwater world touched me when I did a few dives at Malta, in the Mediterranean.

Sticky because of the silicone and the dust gathered on it, I held in my hands a Nikonos IV-A underwater camera.

Obviously the batteries were drained so I fetched some new LR-44 batteries.
And there you have it. I have this all-weather Nikon camera equipped with a 35mm f2.5. You can take it underwater, like that, to 50 meters.

For specs on this camera… well Ken Rockwell did a great job.

Is this camera going to be important?
No, I don’t think so.

It is just something that reminds me of how my life was before I left my family.
It is about closure, a life I had but isn’t mine anymore.
Proof of how one can grow, evolve.

Most of all it reminds me of being depressive for 15 years and how leaving my life/wife/family made me a happier man.

For fuck’s sake, it is only a camera! But fun to have.

Nikon D2h with Vivitar 75-205mm f3,5
Nikon D2h with Vivitar 75-205mm f3,5








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