Leicaflex SL

I am at work now.

This morning a dear colleague kindly surprised me by putting a weathered dark brown leather photo bag on my desk.

When I opened it I saw, to my delight, a Leicaflex SL in rather mint condition. On it a Summicron f2 50mm (Leica R-bajonet).

My colleague told me the camera was broken. Something with the film advancement but she wasn’t sure.
She told me I could keep the camera if I was able to fix it but wanted a small digital compact in return.
This Leicaflex SL belonged to her father and he would be happy with a more advanced compact digital camera.

I can’t wait to get home and see if I can repair the Leicaflex SL. If not I’ll contact P. and ask if he can help.

Anyway I am a very happy man.

The Leicaflex was the first series of 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras manufactured by Leitz. The Leicaflexes were fully mechanical cameras marketed between 1964 and 1976.
It was Leica’s response increasing popularity of SLRs during this period.

It appears that Leitz lost money on every camera produced due to the cost of producing the high spec shutter.

More on the Leicaflex SL (Wikipedia)

An article about the financial nightmare this camera was for Leitz

Leicaflex SL image made with Lumia 640LTE
Leicaflex SL image made with Lumia 640LTE


  1. Congratulations Stephen–Lucky you!

    (I have a few digital compacts if you need me to send you one to give to her!!)

    Can’t wait to see the results.



    • Thank you Mark. It is still early here and rainy. I’m scanning a few test shots I made yesterday and I am truly awed. Thank you for your very kind and generous proposition. I’ll check with her what could pleasure her father and I’ll keep in touch with you.
      Enjoy your weekend.
      PS My grandmother, she was English, always called me Stephen. Uncle’ and Aunt’s from the Midlands always wrote Stephen on my birthday cards so no problem there 🙂


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